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Personal Letter from Justin Burns
and the Miestro Team

But first who are we?

But first who are we?

  • We are leaders in the online course space. More specifically, we have developed an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create beautiful, professional online courses and market them to your customers.
  • We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs do just that – tapping into the amazing profits being produced in the online course market.
  • During our existence, we have gained extensive knowledge and experience creating courses that allow entrepreneurs in any market to open a new revenue stream and grow their profits.

Now we want to offer you a truly, game-changing opportunity – a chance to tap into our expertise to produce the best possible course without going through the trial and error that keeps so many out of the major profits being earned in this market right now.

Today is Your Lucky Day

Because You’ve Stumbled Upon an “Unfair Advantage” That Can Send Your Earnings & Popularity Soaring
Above Your Peers

So many entrepreneurs today grow their business to a certain level – maybe they are making five figures or six figures a year but they can’t go any higher. They become stuck right where they are.

A video course is the answer to overcoming that roadblock. In effect, you gain that “unfair advantage” over the competition that all entrepreneurs want.

An online course allows you to leverage your knowledge to create a new revenue stream.

You become a coach or a teacher. You gain respect as an expert in your niche and your profits really take off.

Checkout The Courses We've Created For Other Members

So What Exactly is This Unfair Advantage?

It’s the Creators Mastermind!

This isn’t a “read a book” course, in this program you get live, person-to-person mentoring from me (Justin Burns) and my expert team.

That includes:

  • A COMPLETE, DONE-FOR-YOU Online Course
  • ​UNLIMITED coaching and support
  • ​3 illuminating and motivating Live INNER CIRCLE Events
  • ​FULL access to our entire team
  • ​MEMBERSHIP in an Accountability Group

And much more – including some bonuses that really send the value of this package soaring (more on them later)!

No one we know is offering anything close to this! And it’s why we have so many successful case studies to brag about and show as proof of what is possible when you work with us. For example:

Case Study

From Laid Off to Making Six Figures With an Online Course!

Brian was laid off from his job in corporate America. However, within a year he was making a six-figure income sharing his expertise through an online course we helped him create!

Brian, who is now the founder of Media Mash, says “The benefit of creating a class is you escape the trap of trading time for money.”


Now Ask Yourself What Could YOU Accomplish With Our Full Support?

You could open a new income stream that pushes your income to the next level ...

You could gain a much better work-life balance so that you have more time to spend with family or pursuing a hobby...

You could travel more or spend your time doing whatever it is you want to do...

All of the can be true for you because your online course will allow you to make more money while working less!

Once you have your course up and running – which again we will do for you – you’ll have a powerful passive income stream pouring cash into your bank account.

Don’t Know Anything About
Course Production?

No worries! We’ll take you under our wing, so to speak, and share all of our knowledge with you.

We’ll show you our proven, step by step strategy for creating an informative and entertaining online course. You can count on all of the following:

  • Learning how to avoid mistakes that cost other entrepreneurs time and money
  • ​Getting answers to your questions so you increase your knowledge and become an expert at online courses
  • ​Plus, we get into the trenches with you and work right by your side helping you get the absolute best online course possible!

Are You Beginning to See Just How Valuable
This Mastermind Could be to You?

You could surge past whatever is holding you back now and start to make $20K, $50K, $100K or more a month!

At the same time, you could gain greater control of your time. That means you would have more freedom to enjoy pursuits of pleasure and really enjoy life instead of having to spend so much time working.

To give you an idea of what is possible, look at what happened with these entrepreneurs after they worked with us:

Natasha – 

She found success teaching people how to sell more naturally and effectively in her online course.

She is now a high ticket sales specialist who says: “A lot of business owners and entrepreneurs have a misconception about sales. They think you have to look a certain way or speak a certain way to be successful.”

There are just two of many that have benefited from our help!

Ires – 

Ires used her online course to create a successful business that helps coaches and consultants improve at what they do.

She says:

“If you have the knowledge, the skills, the stories and the experience to change someone’s life, it’s your responsibility to get your message out there.”

This Isn’t Your
Typical Mastermind Program

If you’ve gone to a mastermind event in the past where you sat a table all day and listened to so-called experts try to sell you their “must-have programs”...

This is absolutely nothing like that!

In the Creator’s Mastermind you get to work side-by-side with us and learn all of our tips, tricks and techniques for creating online courses that students love.

Besides learning from us though, the great thing about the Creator’s Mastermind is … we do EVERYTHING for you!

We write your script and film your course and we provide you with a complete online environment that makes it easy for students to learn and keeps them eagerly logging in.

And that’s not all, we also help with marketing and with sales tips!

The entrepreneurs mentioned on this page and numerous others were able to break past their own individual earnings barriers and achieve new levels of success thanks to letting us help them create an online course!

Two Big Ways Our Mastermind is
Different from Anything Else …

1 – Success Not Sales

We are not out to sell you additional programs and products. This mastermind is all about creating an online course that allows you to increase your success.

You’ll gain popularity and profits and to make sure you do, we will work right beside you. Remember, we continue working with you after your course is done to make sure you are able to market it, optimize sales and satisfy your students.

2 – Support Not “Do-It-Yourself”

Again, as we just mentioned this isn’t a case where you will be given some information and then left on your own to figure it out.
We offer unlimited coaching and support and access to our entire team so you get all the support you need to take that next step in your business. Basically, you’re gaining a team of experts for your company!

Again, as we just mentioned this isn’t a case where you will be given some information and then left on your own to figure it out.

We offer unlimited coaching and support and access to our entire team so you get all the support you need to take that next step in your business. Basically, you’re gaining a team of experts for your company!

Who is This Training For?

  • Any entrepreneur whose business is NOT growing as fast as they would like
  • ​Any entrepreneur looking to create a new revenue stream and increase profits
  • ​Any entrepreneur who wants to boost name recognition and get a bigger share of the market
  • ​Any entrepreneur who wants to learn how to master online video creation to attract new customers in today’s marketplace
  • ​Any entrepreneur who wants to join a group of like-minded men and women who will not only motivate them and help them grow their business but also hold them accountable
  • ​Any entrepreneur who wants to create a high quality online course that stands out and grabs prospect attention
  • ​Any entrepreneur who wants to gain access to unlimited coaching and support that helps them produce an online course quicker and easier than you dared dream possible
  • ​Any entrepreneur who wants to expand their influence and expertise while also boosting profits  

Click Below to Apply for a Spot in Our Creator’s Mastermind … We’ll Create Your Own High Quality Online Course for You!

In no time, you could join these recent program success stories:

Here’s Exactly What You Get With
This Mastermind:

A COMPLETE, DONE-FOR-YOU Online Course Program

You come to our office and leave with your online course professionally created and ready to start welcoming students.
We handle everything from the script to the filming to the online learning environment.
You get your information across to students in an effective and entertaining way. Your videos look professional with great lighting and graphics. Plus, you have an online course that looks great and spurs student activity.

UNLIMITED coaching and support

We limit Mastermind attendance to ensure you get the personal attention you deserve! That means you can contact us at anytime about anything. We are here to help you get the online course you need to grow your business and are committed to doing anything and everything we can to help you achieve that.

3 illuminating and motivating Live Inner Circle Events

These Inner Circle events are incredibly informative and incredibly motivating.

You’ll leave with lots of beneficial new knowledge and you’ll be inspired to put it all into effect as fast as possible.

FULL access to our entire team

You get video help, writing help, marketing help and much more.

We are here to not just provide you with the very best online course but to also assist you in maximizing the effectiveness of that course so that you get as many students – and profits – as possible. 

MEMBERSHIP in an Accountability Group

You come to our office and leave with your online course professionally created and ready to start welcoming students.
We handle everything from the script to the filming to the online learning environment.
You get your information across to students in an effective and entertaining way. Your videos look professional with great lighting and graphics. Plus, you have an online course that looks great and spurs student activity.

Plus, Sign Up Now & You’ll Also Receive
These Valuable Bonuses:

FULL Access to Masterclass Code Training

With the Masterclass Code, you can learn how to create a digital program that stands out in a hot market or that dominates a smaller market.

Best of all, you don’t need any experience as an instructor to get started. Our program guides you through the entire process from creation to marketing to selling so that you can get paying students enrolled fast.

You’ll learn:

  • How to determine what is needed and create content that meets that need and appeals to the largest audience possible.
  • How to market your program like a pro so that people are literally lining up to enroll!
  • ​How to sell you program so that you turn a high percentage of your leads into paying students who not only complete your program but are also eager to take advantage of additional learning opportunities you may create.

FULL Access to Elite Mastermind Training

We have developed a complete online masterclass formula that has worked again and again across a variety of different niches.

You get:

  • Everything, and I do mean everything, you need to guide your customers through a complete learning experience. You get websites, emails, video classes and other learning resources.
  • Plus, everything is integrated into one tool that’s designed to be a beautiful experience and intuitive to use.
  • Customers love the learning environments we create and the close attention we make it easy for you to give them.
  • Their satisfaction soars and they become highly likely to become among your most loyal customers. They form a strong base you can turn to again and again to generate regular profits.

With this Mastermind
You Can:

Create Beautiful, World-Class Digital Products

Our templates allow you to easily turn your content into digital products, integrated learning experiences and online training.

Get Paid When You Want, How You Want

You can set up trial payments or subscription plans that offer flexible options to your customers and make it easy for you to get paid.

Save Time With Automation and Systemization 

We enable you to set up automations and systems that boost your customer engagement and save you time, so you can focus on what really matters.

Grow Your Business With Robust Marketing Tools

Our flexible suite of marketing and analytics tools makes it easy to create landing pages (no coding necessary), automated email drip campaigns and measure customer engagement.

That’s in Additional Value!

But don’t worry, you are not going to have to pay near that much to get all of this valuable online course creation assistance and programs.

I know at this point you have to be wondering what all of this amazing training and resources are going to cost you...

But before I get to that let me just say one thing:

I firmly believe that the “what’s all this going to cost me?” question is not the one you should be asking in your mind right now.

The question you should be pondering is “What is all of this going to be worth to me?"

Because here’s the truth: those who have signed up for our Creator’s Mastermind have enjoyed tremendous success.

We helped them get the perfect online course. Then we helped them market it and maximize sales. It’s no surprise that many went on to bust through obstacles and make six or seven figures or more in their businesses.

Like we said earlier on this page – we have never seen an offer like this anywhere else.

To our knowledge we are the only ones offering this … and, quite honestly, I think we are the only ones able to offer this.

We have the knowledge, experience, experts and complete system for online course creation.

By using us, you save yourself all the hard work and the frustrating learning curve. You get your course as fast as possible and you are assured that it is going to look professional and be both entertaining and informative.

Along the way you can ask us questions, be held accountable and learn much more about creating online video courses.

So What is All of That Worth to You?

How much is having a course that stands out and builds your creditability instead of one that looks cheap and ends up damaging your credibility really worth to you?

How much is having experts do the work for you instead of you having to try to figure everything out or rely on an inferior team really worth to you?

How much is adding income stream to your business that could potentially produce massive profits for years and years really worth to you?

Well, we’ll tell you the exact cost on our call but here’s the truth:

You’re going to be paying less than tenth of what this Mastermind can do for your earnings going forward!

With this Mastermind you have experts who have created numerous successful online courses at your beck and call.

We’ll share our very best secrets with you and we’ll put everything we’ve learned to work in your course to ensure it’s the highest quality that it could possibly be.

This Offer is ONLY Available Right Here & Mastermind Attendance is Strictly Limited!

When we created this Mastermind we had no intention of creating another typical program where you attend a live event and receive a little information in-between sales pitches.

In this program, you come to our office and work directly with us!
We show what is working and tell you why and we create the ultimate online course for you.

You skip all the hard work – and you also learn a tremendous amount while you are here.

There is no better way to ensure your course looks great and contains great information that students will be eager to sign up to learn.

To make this even more of a no-brainer program, we also help you with marketing and sales to ensure your maximize your profits! We’ll be there to support you for the rest of the year.

Now obviously we can’t have more than one entrepreneur in our office at a time because things would get confusing … plus, we want to ensure each Mastermind members gets all the personal attention they need...

So we do limit membership. Fill out your application to see if we are accepting new members at this time as well as to see if you qualify.

Warning: We Are Selective as to Who
We Let in This Mastermind!

As we said, we limit enrollment to begin with to ensure each member receives the personal attention and support they deserve. 

Limiting enrollment also allows us to be very selective in who we allow in this program.

We get lots of applications and only accept the most promising – those who we know we can really help go to the next level.

That means even if your business isn’t doing great now, we might see the potential of what could happen with an online course and welcome you to the program.

Bottom line: it doesn’t hurt to apply.

At worst, we’ll contact you and in our phone conversation give you some good information about online courses.

At best, you could get the solution you need to grow you business to new heights!

This is Your Chance to Learn More About What an Online Course Can do for You!

Just to be clear you are not purchasing anything today or agreeing to purchase anything today.

All that is going to happen is you are going to submit your application and we are going to decide if you are a good candidate for our Creator’s Mastermind.

If you are, we will set up a time to talk and tell you more about the program and what an online course can do for your profits. We’ll also tell you about the cost of the program and other details.

Then, and only then, you can decide whether you want to sign up or not.

There is no pressure to sign up. We don’t use high-pressure sales tactics. We simply present what this Mastermind can do for you and let you decide.

The Decision is Now Yours!

We understand that it is easy to have doubts about something and to use those doubts to not continue.

After all, many of us have been burned in the past with products and programs that didn’t live up to the promises. Again, this is nothing like that.

This Mastermind is truly unlike anything else ever offered.

It’s a program that is creating six and seven-figure earners like crazy.

It doesn’t matter how long your business has been “stuck in a rut” … it doesn’t matter what your current earnings are …

This program can help you break through to more – more profits, more popularity, more credibility and more.

But you have to take the next step to enjoy any of these benefits. Remember, you are not buying anything today or agreeing to buy anything today.

You are just seeing, first, if you are eligible for the Mastermind. Then, if you are, you’ll talk to us on the phone to learn more.

So are you going to take that next step toward a solution that could transform your business and your life?

Or are you going to try to forget everything you’ve read today and go back to doing the same old, same old and hoping for a miracle that transforms your business?

If it’s the latter, we wish you luck – but please understand that’s not typically how life works. A solution that is going to truly transform your business is going to appear out of thin air.

If you do nothing you’ll likely be in the exact same position you are in now with your business … or out of business all together. Sorry but those are just the facts.

It’s hard to have a successful business today. It’s hard to grow a business. Many give up thinking they have hit their ceiling.

Well, this Mastermind is a ceiling buster!

  • That’s why if you are going to grow your business and achieve greater success it’s not going to be through a miracle but rather through an opportunity like this...
  • Where you take action, learn some important information and get experts on your side who understand exactly what it takes to get your business to that next level with an online course.
  • ​It’s now up to you to make that decision – we can’t make it for you. Do nothing and go back to business as usual...

Or take action today and learn much more about something that could send your profits skyrocketing.

Remember, we do ALL of the hard work for you! There’s no faster, easier way to get a professional-looking, attention-grabbing online course.

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